Top Three Methods of Keeping Your Brickwork Clean

There are a number of ways of ensuring your brickwork stays clean and tidy throughout the year. We’ve put together the top three ways you can clean the bricks of your home:

  1. Scrubbing with a stiff nylon brush – Using a nylon brush with an extender, works wonders at keeping your bricks clean. Although it may be time consuming, this method is the most gentle way of brushing off dirt and debris from your brickwork and ensuring contaminants don’t cling on for too long.
  2. Solvent-based cleaning – Modern brick cleaners come in a variety of types based on their composition and intended purpose. We suggest using the most gentle types of non-acid based cleaners which ensure any surrounding plants or paintwork on your house is not damaged as a result of the cleaning. Some cleaners you can apply without needing to rinse or scrub off.
  3. Power washing -Power washers are the go-to method for cleaning brickwork. However, as easy as it may seem to use a power-washer, we advise caution in using one in that high pressure washers may result in unintended damages to the brickwork and pointing of  your property. Thus, if you are set on using a power-washer, set the device to the lowest power setting and work your way up to a desired level where the cleaning power is sufficient without noticeable damage to your property.

That’s our top three brick cleaning techniques for DIY’ers! Hope you enjoyed it.

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