Masonry restoration

Aspire Restoration Stone Work and Repairs

What is masonry restoration?

Masonry restoration is a broad term used to refer to any work on masonry on a home or commercial property that is already standing. It can refer to minor repairs in the brick outside or major restoration work on a historical building.When it comes to rebuilding in masonry restoration, we remove parts of the old masonry section and try to incorporate both new and salvageable materials. Whether or not the old materials will be able to go back on the structure depends entirely on the state of their condition.

Masonry restoration can be demanding and give a variety of challenges for the restoration contractor, especially in dealing with historic buildings. These projects require a knowledgable restoration contractor that is well trained in dealing with stone construction and its construction details, both existing and new. Aspire restoration ltd has the necessary experience and architectural knowledge to fulfill these requirements. At every job, we work diligently to preserve the integrity of both our name and historical home or business exteriors.

Why have Aspire Restoration repair or add new masonry?

In addition to our many types of masonry restoration services that we offer we also provide the very best in external re-decoration. Using our team of experienced decorators they specialise in the decoration of sash windows, doors and masonry features that can give your property the professional finish that it deserves. Complementing our work since 2013 their keen attention for detail and passion for their work really makes our previous projects stand out and sets us far apart from our competition. Using only the best in preparation techniques and the professional application of materials, their experience can best advise us on the best approach to take on delivering the best results for your property.

Examples of Aspire Restoration masonry restoration services in action