Brick cleaning

Aspire Restoration

What is brick cleaning?

Everyday buildings old and new are under constant pressures from their environments. Traffic pollutions, weather erosion, vibrations from nearby railway lines and poor construction all contribute to a decaying building structure, With the use of many modern methods, as well as some traditional ones, we clean these surfaces free from the harmful deposits left through years of neglect. Carbon deposits, mould, algae, traffic film and the build up of daily dirt and grime can all take away the beauty, charm and character of our buildings and their many unseen and forgotten architectural features.

Why use Aspire Restoration for brick cleaning?

Aspire restoration have many years of experience in brick cleaning and restoration and have had the pleasure of working on some of Londons high profile buildings and monuments over the years. Through these historic restoration projects we have learned that when taking on such projects, no matter how small, each one often requires their own unique approach. We understand through years of our specialist experience that preservation is key to the success of any restoration project and that each cleaning method that we employ will not only be the most effective one but one that preserves the building for future generations to enjoy.

Examples of Aspire Restoration brick cleaning services in action