Building restoration services

Our small team of skilled workers can carry out the following building restoration works to a very high standard;

  • Rendering and plastering.
  • The use of traditional lime mortars.
  • The Restoration of chimney stacks, breasts and fireplaces.
  • The repairs to all types of sandstone, limestone and brickwork.
  • The repairing and painting of external masonry, windows and doors.
  • The building and construction of extensions, garden walls, flowerbeds and piers.
  • The removal and re-pointing of brickwork ( we cover and can replicate any known style pointing)

While our work can sound rather specialised we can assure you our prices are not. We offer a no obligation free quote and work closely with our valued clients with total clarity and transparency from the very start.

Contact us for a no obligation quote and learn how we can add an expert touch for an exquisite finish on your property.

Masonry restoration

Aspire Restoration Stone work and repairs

Repair existing stonework or add new stonework to your property for improving it’s curb appeal.


Aspire Restoration Re-pointing

Tidy up and give your bricks consistent, clean and stable grouting to improve the structural integrity and look of your property.

Specialist brickwork

Aspire Restoration Specialist Brickwork

For all the special brickwork repairs that don’t fit within the scope of typical brick repairs.