Paint removal

Aspire Restoration Paint Removal

What is brick paint removal?

There are many reasons to remove paint from buildings. The most common one being to restore the building back to its true character often with dramatic appeal. Aspire stone cleaning and restoration ltd have a combined experience of over 50 years of removing unsightly paint from all types of masonry surfaces. From the French Embassy in Knightsbridge to smaller private property’s in and around the London area, we have come to learn the individual needs that every job requires. our detailed knowledge helps our skilled operatives deliver the most effective methods to sympathetically remove paint from your masonry surfaces to transform your property back to its former glory.

Why use Aspire Restoration paint removal services?

Our paint removal projects often generates further work in surrounding areas as our finish is often our best means of advertising. Paint removal can also help with the build up of damp and moisture especially found in older more traditional style buildings, typically ones built in solid brickwork. Once paint stripped and cleaned the surface dries within minutes allowing the masonry to breath releasing trapped moisture and helping to prevent the long term affects of frost damage or damp ingress. The building is again able to regulate its own thermal breathable quality’s once more and an improvement in the buildings primary function to prevent the ingress of water and damp can be expected very quickly.

In any such restoration project where by the paint is removed it is often discovered that some areas of the masonry may need specialist attention. Defective brickwork, cracks in stone cills and weather damaged cornicing and masonry features may have gone unnoticed before. At this stage, If needed, we offer a full survey followed by a written quote detailing costs for the replacement or restoration of any additional works. Once agreed the project can be continued until the final finish is offered for handover allowing our clients every opportunity to inspect and stay involved with their project every step of the way.

Examples of Aspire Restoration paint removal services in action